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In The News

Freaks and Geeks picked up by the FOX Family Channel: The FOX Family Channel has agreed to purchase rights to the reruns of the critically acclaimed show that NBC dumped, including the three never before seen episodes. There is also a slim chance that FOX Family would try to produce new episodes of the series. For more on this check out YAHOO! News.

MTR in Los Angeles:
Check out the story on this page about my experience at the Museum event on Saturday, May 13th. There are links to photos, and my signed script.

FilmForce Interview with Paul Feig:
Ken Plume did a totally great interview with Paul, located at You'll get to hear some information that most of us haven't heard before, so be sure to check it out. Also be sure to check out Paul's chat he did with some of the fans. He was moderated for about an hour, and then jumped into the crowd and tried to answer the questions as they flew at him.

LA Times:
For the executive producer of Freaks and Geeks, its been a learning experience. More from Judd's feature here.
Ohmygod.. guys, this is great. You have to check out the great backstage footage taken by Gerry Katzman. This is the one where he came to this site for questions for the cast. And then read the questions I asked Gerry about his trip to the set. You'll only find it here.

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TV's Henry: One of our most devoted fans writes a review of Freaks and Geeks. Come on, we all know TV's Henry from the board. A great, must read article.

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Freaks and Geeks Wrap Party: Everyone's favorite extra, Humphries, has put together a little highlight edition of the cast wrap party. It's quite the interesting read... don't you wish you were there.

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The William S. Paley Festival:
The lowdown on the coolest event of the year so far, Edwin was gracious enough to be my reporter for this event. You can read all about it here.
Garrett of Operation Haverchuck sent me some photos of the event.

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Yearbook Pictures: Who wants to see Yearbook Pictures? I know you do, so here a just a few from the yearbook handed out at the wrap party.

• • •

Humphries: Find out more about everyone's favorite "guy in the background" and the guy that plays him.

Opening Credits
Okay, it's a cheesy, not-so-great MPEG taping of the opening credits of the show.. I was playing with my digital camera, and found out it could tape movies (15 secs. at a time). So, I taped the opening credits in three parts..

Thanks to someone, we also have an MP3 of the song "Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett.

Part 1 | Part II | Part III | MP3


"Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers" Bill (Martin Starr) is shocked when his mother (guest star Claudia Christian) starts dating his gym teacher, Mr. Fredericks (guest star Tom Wilson). But when Fredericks tries to endear himself to Bill, he realizes itıs Bill who has the home field advantage. Meanwhile, Kim (Busy Philips) and Lindsay (Linda Cardellini) are so overcome with guilt when they accidentally kill Millieıs (guest star Sarah Hagan) dog, that they invite her to hang out with them. But, when Millie starts exploring her ³freak² side, itıs more than Lindsay can handle.

This is the home of the transcripts of the chats we are able to get ahold of. Click here to access the transcripts for some of your favorite freaks and geeks.

Welcome to the Freaks and Geeks Fan Site!
Come on into McKinley High and scan the pages of this site, for cast bio's, episode guides, information about the show, tons of photos.



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- dodgeball shop - everything from sweatshirts to ball caps with the McKinley High logo on it
- script shop - everything from mugs to shirts with a signed script printed on it


Wanna Chat about the show? This site has it's very own fan club, where you can chat and discuss the show. Call it the site with everything Freaks and Geeks. The fan club has a message board which is a great place to go and talk to others, you can also use the yahoo chat feature to chat in realtime.

The discussion board is broken down in categories and once you join you have full access the features. You can also guest post which works just as well, so join in the conversations.

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News about this site!
I'm planning on leaving this site up for quite some time after we hear the news about the show. Should it miraculously be picked up, the site will stay up and running, but should it be cancelled, I'll keep the site up for at the longest six months to a year before having to condense it or shut it down, due to server space constrictions.

The Museum of Television and Radio Event in Beverly Hills!
written by Greg Barber, creator of the McKinley High fansite

Having just returned from the MTR event in Los Angeles, I just felt like I had to write up a piece for the website, letting you all know how great it was.

My alarm was set to wake me up at 6AM, so I could get an early start for the eight hour drive (according to my MapQuest directions) to Beverly Hills, where the MTR building is located. Unable to sleep well because of my excitement for the Saturday event, I actually woke up at 5AM and was out of the house by the time the alarm actually went off.

The ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles is a long one, mostly on a very small highway of two lanes, filled with large semi's and slow cars. I popped in all my CD's, even Billy Joel's 52nd Street, which gave me an hour of singing at the top of my lungs in the car. When the CD's ran out I was left with the dreaded radio, listening to the station switch from alternative, to hard rock and then to country. I couldn’t wait to get to Los Angeles, and was making great time.

The drive ended up only five hours, instead of the eight mapquest had printed on the top and at about 11:30AM I pulled off the freeway onto Santa Monica Blvd. I thought it was appropriate that as I was sitting on the offramp waiting for the light to signal me to turn onto Santa Monica Blvd, the radio began playing Sheryl Crow's song, All I Wanna Do. Very appropriate.

Find the Museum was fairly easy, especially for someone like me who gets lost pulling out of the driveway. Of course parking in Beverly Hills is another question. It took me two hours to find a parking spot and the only reason I did was because I drove past the "PARKING LOT FULL" sign at the museum's underground parking lot and then begging the parking attendants to let me park somewhere. They were extremely nice to me, after hearing my sob story about driving from San Francisco to see the night's event.

I was slightly early, you know four hours early to the lunch planned by Eden Blair, the second biggest fan and longtime member of the producers message board, at a place called Koo Koo Roo's. I figured I would take up some time walking around Beverly Hills, but that made me sick very quickly listening to people talk about their shopping trips. "Ohmygod, I soooooo need to have that lace shirt!" said one girl. Her friend responded, "Ohmygod, but we have so many places to go today". First girl then says, "But I'll just DIEEEEE if I don’t get that lace shirt, life is so unfair!!!". Yeah, boy, life is so unfair.

Anyhow, I ended up sitting outside of the museum for the remaining few hours playing Solitaire on my PalmPilot. When 3PM rolled around, I was beginning to wonder where everyone was. We had lunch plans and I didn’t see anyone around, of course, I could have been staring right at them, but didn’t know what anyone looked like. When 3PM hit, I headed to the closest Koo Koo Roo's and hoped to see a group of Freaks and Geeks fans. Luckily, the people in front of me I had seen in front of the museum, asked what they were there for and then found out I was talking to Terra Stoddard, my tape making queen and also bigtime supporter of the show. Besides her was Erik Blair, Eden's brother who had bought me my ticket and farther down the line was Eden Blair.

We bought our lunch and quickly met up with Fladog (of the producers message board) and her husband, and chatted about Eden's night with Garrett (creator of the Operation Haverchuck website) and Martin Starr, aka Bill Haverchuck, for a signing session. They seemed totally excited about the entire event. When lunch ended, we all headed up the street to the museum where we found Garrett setting up shop, complete with buttons and bumper stickers, as well as a couple of backpacks for Paul and Judd, creators of the show.

Introduction were made and when we arrived, and being able to put faces to names from the producers board was really exciting. Talking to Garrett, Terra Stoddard, and Eden Blair about the show really was a lot of fun. Moments later, Michael aka Humphries (a longtime poster on the producers message board and an extra on the show) arrived, and I was so thrilled to finally see him in person, as I've chatted with him on the AOL messenger from time to time. Soon after a girl tapped me on the shoulder and said "are you Greg Barber?, Hi, I’m Brooksie!", and another guy tapped me and introduced himself as the "Vegan" from the producers board. Totally a thrill.

A few minutes before we were going to be let in, the excitement really began to build, expecially when Martin Starr, Seth Rogan and Samm Levine (aka Neil) came out to talk to the crowd. I told Samm my name was Greg Barber, and he immediately was like "THE GREG BARBER, great to meet you finally!". It was very exciting to be recognized, especially by the cast members themselves. I also thoroughly enjoyed being able to meet Maureen, the web queen of the producers site, for the first time. I knew it was her as soon as she walked up and she immediately recognized my name from the board.

Somehow I managed to be the first into the theater and ran for the closest seats to the stage. The three rows in front of us were reserved for the cast and crew and a row behind me was partially reserved, so I took the row between them. Sitting beside me was Eden Blair, her brother, Brooksie, Vegan, Humphries and Terra. The biggest internet fans all in one row, its how it should be.

The cast began to file in, Natasha Melnick, aka Cindy Sanders, sat in front of me and to her left was Busy Phillips (aka Kim), with Sarah Hagan (aka Millie), and Martin Starr (aka Bill) in front of them. Behind me was Linda Cardellini (aka Lindsay), with Jason Segal (aka Daniel) and Seth Rogan (aka Ken) sitting to her left. I was star struck at this point. Was I dreaming? I mean, here I am watching my favorite show with some great friends from the web and the cast surrounding me, ohmygod, I couldve just passed out. Eden and I kept looking at each other and giggling like kids over the silliest little things.

The coolest thing was meeting Busy's mom and sister. They have to be the biggest fans of the show and message board, I've ever seen. As the web folks introduced themselves to her, she was nearly jumping out of her seat hearing the names. "ohmygod, Brooksie, Eden, Terra… so nice to meet you finally". They are such great supporters, and big time readers of the message board.

Paul and Judd started out with a few words on the show and how the fans were great, and he ended by saying how much the web folks rocked. Then we sat down for three episodes beginning with the Kim Kelly is My Friend episode. The entire audience applauded as the credits were listed for the first time and it was so cool to listen to the comment behind me from Seth and Justin, or watching Busy whisper to Colin Hanks, or Natasha to her mom.

The three episodes ended and refreshments were offered in the lobby. Also, my queue to begin pestering the cast for autographs for my Pilot script I had brought with me. I quickly turned around and asked Seth, Jason and Linda if they would mind signing it for me. They were extremely gracious about it. Jason is very tall, as I expected him to be. Seth is hillarious, especially when he talks, he sounds like Sam Kinison or something. Linda is so sweet and tiny, very nice to chat with.

I then popped onto the stage and had Paul sign my script, and promised to talk to him more after the show. I ended up not getting refreshments and instead focused on autographs and talking with the cast. I was told to get Joe Flaherty's (aka Mr. Weir) autograph early because he was known to disappear quickly, so I head to him and he was so great to talk to, with his young son in toe. John Daley (aka Sam) soon reentered the room and I nearly jumped over three rows of seats to ask him to sign for me. I handed him the script and when he asked my name I told him and his response again was "You're THE GREG BARBER!". What a strange feeling to have them know me, but I guess that's how they feel. Eden's brother cracked up at the fact as the role reversal in that the cast was in such awe over meeting people they recognized from the board. I managed to get a signature from Natasha Melnick just as the lights went down, and she wrote that I was "super dope" on the script. She was also very sweet and remarkable well spoken for someone of 15.

We watched the rest of the episodes, listening to Seth and Jason make comments about cast members or about the episodes being shown. I watched Natasha squirm as her scenes were shown, or could see John's dad patting him on the shoulder during his scenes. Loud applause as the episodes ended or particularly good scenes were shown, and laughter all around. In one scene, Busy's character made a comment about the "aliens at Roswell" and both her and her mom leaned toward Colin Hanks jabbing him.

There was a question and answer period with Paul and Judd, where Brooksie, Terra and Eden all got up and asked questions, about the cast, thoughts for a second season if it were to happen, etc. During the Q&A, both Garrett and Eden presented Paul and Judd with the backpacks, signed by all the fans the attended and the cast. Paul kept looking at it during the interview, he honestly looked moved to tears at a few points. They are such great guys, very down to earth…as is the entire cast.

When the final episode ended, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. And when the lights turned on, we all quickly attempted to dry our eyes. I think it was a culmination of seeing the final episode, knowing it was really the last time we'd all be together like this. It was final in so many ways, and if I could capture it in a bottle I would have. To put closure on a show this way, was the best experience I could've ever had in my life. I was able to be a part of the first group to see the final six episodes, I was able to sit with the cast, writers, crew and Paul and Judd.

I have a signed script as a memory of such a wonderful night and the memories of meeting so many great people all in one night. I will forever be a fan of everyone in the room, and although I may not be able to make a fan site for every one of them, they will always have a fan in me.

We all hung out in the lobby until about 11:30PM, chatting with the cast and the fans, and at that point I headed down to the garage to drive off, waved at Paul as he drove off ahead of me and was on my way to meet with the web fans at a restaurant called Barney's Beanery.

I sat next to Joanne, known as Fladog on the board and also next to Michael, known as Humphries to fans everywhere. I'm actually planning a trip back in August to meet up with TVs Henry and Humphries. The night was filled with talking about each other and surprisingly little talk of the MTR event. I think we were all just letting it sink in. Garrett handed out the remaining pictures and Michael even signed photos for those at the table.

We all went on our way at about 1:30 in the morning. I slept for a few hours in my car and headed back to San Francisco, with all the wonderful images of the last 24 hours reeling in my head. If its possible, I’m a bigger fan because of this night.

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