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Michael Beardsley
Michael Beardsley was born March 5th 1976 in Santa Cruz, California. He graduated from San Lorenzo Valley High School in 1994 and went on to achieve a Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Santa Cruz. Up until his first year of college, Michael didn't know what he wanted to do with his life. Aside from a sixth grade production of Hamlet (in which he played Horatio) and some very amateur videos in high school, Michael had never ventured into the world of acting. Somewhere deep inside Michael's shy persona lurked a performer that wanted to stand out.

While attending UCSC, Michael discovered something he wanted to do for the rest of his life: act. The first introductory acting class was taken as an experiment more than anything, but after he took one class, Michael had to take more. In the following four years, he appeared in several of the school's productions, while also working behind the scenes as prop master for many of UCSC's most elaborate shows. He was also captured on film for the first time when he was cast in two student films. By the time he graduated, he knew what he wanted to do; in October 1998, about four months after graduation, he moved to Los Angeles.

Since he's been in Los Angles, Michael has acted (as an extra) in several major television shows, as well as a few movies. In the independent movie Bloodstream, Michael plays a character named Sammy Barton; this was the first time he was permitted to speak in a movie. He's best known for his reoccurring character "Humphries" in Freaks and Geeks. Though "Humphries" has never actually been given a line of dialogue, he has appeared in fourteen episodes and is seen by some as an interesting character with a lot of growth potential.

All Humphries All The Time.. but who is Humphries?

Humphries is a character on Freaks and Geeks, that can often be seen standing in line, or walking the halls, but you probably dont know much about him, so here's some places to look and find out more.

This is an investigation of the mysterious Humphries. The first know siting was in "Tests and Breasts", he was nowhere before that, and now he just won't go away. Here's what we know so far:

Tests and Breasts
There are several sightings in this episode. He's first seen eating in the cafeteria with a trio of jocks, including Tom and Kevin (the jocks that first told the joke that so puzzled the Geeks). Later on during lunch, he can be seen talking to yet another jock outside, beyond "the patio" (this is very hard to see). Humphries doesn't seem like a jock, yet he seems to be hanging out with them an awful lot. We next see Humphries in the library, a place that he seems far more comfortable in. The final sighting of Humphries in this episode occurs in the cafeteria; Cindy Sanders stops and talks to him briefly before going over to talk to Sam Weir. Notice how Humphries looks over his shoulder as she leaves, it looks like maybe he also likes Cindy. There are five additional sightings of Humphries that yield no new information; they consist of nothing more of him walking by in the background or standing off to the side.

Carded and Discarded
Humphries is all over in this episode, but we don't actually learn much about him. We see him thrice in the cafeteria, and once in the hallway talking to an unseen companion. We do discover the location of Humphries' locker in this episode, when Lindsay talks to Mr. Rosso about her future, Humphries can be seen fiddling about with his locker in the background. His locker is located near the main stairwell on the bottom level.

Boyfriends and Girlfriends
Humphries can only be seen a couple times in this episode, and we learn nothing much about him, very frustrating. We see him walking down the hall in one scene, and in the cafeteria in another. Later in the episode, we see Humphries running up the stairs with an Asian girl as the bell rings; apparently they are both late for a class that's on the second level of the school.

We've Got Spirit!
This is a major episode for Humphries; it's in this episode that we hear his voice for the first time... sort of. Humphries auditions to be the school mascot; all seven applicants are made to do "The Funky Chicken" in unisonā¤| his voice is in there somewhere. Humphries does not appear to be particularly coordinated, and he is not picked to be the mascot (Sam Weir is). Humphries so wanted to be Mascot, he's devastated we he's not picked. Later in the episode, right before the big game, we see Humphries and an adult (maybe his father?) arriving for the event. The purchase tickets and are eyeing the bake sale table when Daniel, Kim and Ken bust through the doors, having just been in a fight, and shove them out of the way. Humphries still seems interested in the bake sale after this, but the adult ushers him down the hall. Humphries can also be seen walking down the hall a couple other times in this episode, and once in the cafeteria. He was also witness to the Freaks being pelted by water balloons in the parking lot.

The Diary
In this episode, we discover that Humphries is in the same gym class as Sam Weir; this is also the episode that we actually learn that his name is "Humphries". As he wasn't in the class in previous episodes, we must assume that he transferred in, maybe at the start of the second semester. The fact that he is in a class that is mostly freshmen proves nothing, the students that are chosen as team captains are clearly not freshmen so the class must be mixed grades. Humphries is picked second; he is actually the first one picked by Rick Phillips! Could Humphries be a jock? I don't think so. Rumor has it that Humphries was doing Rick's homework because he thought Rick was his friend; in order to maintain the illusion of friendship, Rick sacrificed his first pick and choose Humphries for his team on more than one occasion. He also allowed him to play second base. In Humphries' defense, he can't be that much worse then many of the other people in the class. He was very thrilled to be picked first. Notice that Humphries laughs at the other geeks; obviously he's trying to separate himself from them by mocking them with his new "friend". Notice how he laughs when Rick picks Gordon for his team. Later on, Humphries ends up on the team captained by Bill Haverchuck; strangely enough, he's still plays second base. Also notice how Humphries shoves Sam Weir out of the way when he's picked, could it be that he's harboring resentment because Sam was picked as mascot in the previous episode? We also see Humphries at his locker in this episode... and it's not the same locker as before! Rumor has it that his other locker was broken into and he had to relocate... poor Humphries. His new locker is just around the corner from his old one, even closer to the main stairwell. We also see him in the cafeteria once and in the hallway a couple times; nothing significant is learned from these sightings.

Looks and Books
In this episode, we learn that Humphries is a Mathlete... but not in first block. We once again get to here his voice again (sort of) when he (and the other nine Mathletes) say "Yeah" after Mr. Kowchevski gives them a pep talk. We also see that Humphries dresses better when he's in academic competition, check out that sweater vest and tie! Also, we learn in this episode that Humphries is musically inclined; he's seen entering the band room with a large instrument case (maybe a tuba?). Later evidence suggests that's it's a beginning instrument class as Humphries is not in the marching band or the band that plays in honor Vice-President George Bush's visit. He's also seen in the hallway a couple times and in the cafeteria once. Humphries seems to be with different people most every time we see him... and he seems to be the one doing all the talking... perhaps he's desperately trying to make friends. Humphries is also quite amused when he sees Sam Weir in his "Peresian Night Suit;" is he still harboring anger from the mascot incident?

The Garage Door
Very little is learned about Humphries in this episode; we only see him a few times. We see him walking down the hall between classes with a huge load of books (that he almost drops); what he was doing out of class we do not know. In addition, we see Humphries at yet another locker! Rumor has it that Humphries locker was broken into yet again. His new locker is located on the bottom level of the school just down from the display cases. A couple minutes after we see Humphries at his locker, we see him in the cafeteria with a bag lunch; obviously he was getting his lunch out of his locker.

Chokin' and Tokin'
In this episode, we don't have to wait long to see Humphries, he makes an appearance within first couple seconds. We see in the lunch line behind Daniel Desario; he doesn't seem to be to pleased about the fact that Nick Andopolis is holding the line up. This tells us that Humphries sometimes buys lunch at school rather than bring food from home (as he did in the previous episode). As Daniel pays for his food, notice Humphries reaching into his pocket and taking out a handful of bills... what is he flashing that money around for, there is no way his lunch costs more then a dollar or two! At one point, we see Humphries at his locker, and it's the same locker he had in the last episode! Perhaps his locker vandalism problem has been resolved. There were a couple other sighting, one in the hallway and another in the cafeteria. Humphries is in the cafeteria when Bill Haverchuck almost dies from eating a peanut.

List of Work

Get Real
, "Performance Anxiety" (EP 5) Truman High School Student
Get Real, "Prey" (EP 6) Truman High School Student
Party of Five, "The Shortest Diatance" (EP 123) Jason Reader
Time of Your Life, "The Time They Threw That Party" (EP 3) Careless Partygoer
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Beer Bad" (EP 61) UC Sunnydale Student
Angel, "Sense and Sensitivity" (EP 5) Auto Accident Onlooker
Hang Time, "The Upset" (EP 88) Deering High School Student The
X-Files, "Rush" (EP 144) Adams High School Student
Felicity, "Things Change" (EP 37) NYU Political Science Student
Freeks and Geeks, "Kim Kelly is My Friend" (EP 4) Humphries
Freeks and Geeks, "Tests and Breasts" (EP 6) Humphries
Freeks and Geeks, "Boyfriends and Girlfriends" (EP 7) Humphries
Freeks and Geeks, "We've Got Spirit" (EP 8) Humphries
Freeks and Geeks, "The Diary" (EP 9) Humphries
Freeks and Geeks, "Looks and Books" (EP 10) Humphries
Freeks and Geeks, "Carded and Discarded" (EP 11) Humphries
Freeks and Geeks, "The Garage Door" (EP 12) Humphries
Freeks and Geeks, "Chokin' and Tokin'" (EP 13) Humphries
Freeks and Geeks, "Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers" (EP 14) Humphries
Freeks and Geeks, "Noshing and Moshing" (EP 15) Humphries
Freeks and Geeks, "Smooching and Mooching" (EP 16) Humphries
Freeks and Geeks, "The Little Things" (EP 17) Humphries
Freeks and Geeks, "Discos and Dragons" (EP 18) Humphries
Popular, "Two Weddings and a Funeral" (EP ?) - Wedding Guest

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle - Wossamotta U. Student Protester
Spiders - Hamdin Collage Student-Reporter
Microscopic Boy - "Water Den" Partygoer
Ghost of a Chance - Crew Member
Ready to Rumble - Wrestling Fan
Love and Sex - Okey-Doggie Restaurent Patron
Bloodstream - Sammy Barton
Snuff - Film Student
Ping! - Partygoer
Patsy (student film) - "The Patsy" (Hospital Worker)
The Keys (student film) - Troubled Artist

Turning Points - Doctor Andrew Stone
About Face - Character B
Vic & Peri - Young Elvis Presley
Farewell to Manzanar - President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Albert Nakai, Inquisitor
Baba: Flight on the Monkey King - Elder Brother/Buda
By the Dawns Early Light: The Return of Quetzalcoatl -Lieutenant Higgens, Priest, Tourist

Training Films
Bank Training Film - Bank Teller with Poor Customer Service

Audience Work
Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus (EP 1)
Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus (EP 2)
World's Funniest - Animals
World's Funniest - All News Edition
World's Funniest - Salute to Kids

Get Real - "Performance Anxiety" (Episode 5) - I know I was there... I should be in it somewhere... but if you can find me in it I'll be very surprised. I you might be able to catch a brief glimpse of the top of my head in one scene.

Get Real - "Prey" (Episode 6) - I see a trend with this show... only this time even the top of my head doesn't make an appearance. The show is pure agony to watch anyway; I've seen it three more time than I wish I had (I've only seen it twice).

Party of Five - "The Shortest Distance" (Episode 123) - In this episode, I played Jason Reader, owner of "Read-R-Books" (a really cool name... but still just an extra). In the scene in which Julia and Evan talk to the audience at the book conference, I am sitting in the front row. You see the back of my head once... a partial profile actually... and an out of focus version of me at the reception following the conference. Nothing exciting here. This was actually the first time I actually saw myself on a show.

Time of Your Life - "The Time They Threw That Party" (Episode 3) - Finally, good exposure! I am all over the party that Sarah and Romy throw in this episode. My bad dancing was all of my own design... in fact they had to tell me to tone it down... twice. I play the careless partygoer that smashes into Joss and Kenny, thus causing them to get a little closer. While filming this, I personally ruined a take for the first time (I missed my cue).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - "Beer Bad" (Episode 61) - It's hard to spot me in this one. In the first scene after the opening credits, I walk by, going away from the camera, just as Buffy, Willow and Xander get up from their table. I'm wearing a green UC Sunnydale shirt. I actually really wanted to work on this show... but as it turns out I didn't get to see anything cool. It was actually one of the worst episodes after too.

Angel - "Sense and Sensitivity" (Episode 5) - This is another tough one to spot me in, it's very quick. In the middle of the episode, there is a scene that takes place at the aftermath of an auto accident; a cop is telling the two drivers who were involved in the accident that he has "Emotional Whiplash." In the wide shot, I can bee seen on the sidewalk looking at the accident. I am wearing a red shirt, it's very exciting (that was sarcastic).

Hang Time - "Finals Fury" (Episode 87) - Though I try and watch all the episodes I'm in, I never actually saw this one. I'm part of the crowd during the big basketball game; I'm sitting right behind Coach Katowinski (Dick Butkus). I originally though I was in a different episode, so I watched it... this has got to be the worst show I've ever seen! And to make it worse, it wasn't even my episode that I suffered through!

The X-Files - "Rush" (Episode 144) - I'm in a couple scenes in this one...| but it's hard to actually tell it's me. In the scene in which the teacher is killed in the cafeteria, I am the last one to get out of the way before the table smashes into the wall. I can also be seen walking down the hall, away from the camera, just after the murder. It was a fun show to work on, but the days were very long.

Felicity - "Things Change" (Episode 37) - In this episode, I can be seen exiting Noel's political science class; I am the first one out the door (I actually open the door). I am wearing tons of cold weather clothing, including a snazzy nit hat that make my eyes stick out. Lets just say it was a very hot day of filming.

Popular - "Two Weddings and a Funeral" (Episode ?) - I played a wedding guest in this one. As it was a cliffhanger season finally, they said there's a good chance I'll be asked back for the first episode of season two. There were a lot of people, I suspect it'll be hard (if not impossible) to spot me.

Freaks and Geeks (14 Episodes) - Humphries is everywhere... I cannot begin to describe all the places he pops up. It looks like the Humphries investigation above does a very good job of pinpointing me.

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle - This movie should come out in the summer of 2000. I don't expect that I'll be seen much in this one; they filmed an unbelievable amount of footage and there were a lot of people there. I am in the big protest scene; just look for the really bad maroon suit (and yes I actually own that suit).

Spiders - Continuity in this one will be terrible... if it ever actually ever comes out anywhere. This movie is about a giant spider from space. First I am seen in a school newspaper office... in three different areas in the space of two minutes. Then for most of the rest of the movie, I'm running from the giant spider... but I never seen to get away (though I apparently I did have time to stop and change my shirt).

Microscopic Boy - Oh boy, more on screen dancing; this time they only had to tell me to tome it down once. I can't be missed in this one as I am wearing a bright orange and yellow Hawaiian shirt and somehow managed to be in the front of most every shot in the nightclub. This movie is a "B-Movie," very cheesy. I hope it comes out someday.

Ready to Rumble - This is that stupid wrestling movie. I am one of the many faces in the crowd... but not in the really wide shots. I might be somewhat visible in one scene... but I'm not holding my breath. I don't think I want to see this one anyway.

Love and Sex - This is another quick one, I can be seen gnawing on some food in the background when the stars of the movie go to a restaurent called "The Okey-Doggie." The food they made us eat was cold and gross and I'm glad as was far enough in the background that I didn't have to eat much.

Ghost of a Chance - I play a crew member in this one; it's one of those movie within a movie deals. There should be a couple scenes in which I am seen sitting at the lunch tables with the other members of the fake crew. I am also at a New Years Eve party in one scene. I think this is a Disney movie; probably made for television.

Bloodstream - Independent movie alert! This one will probably never seen the light of day... though from what I saw, it looked like a decent movie. I play Sammy Barton in this movie, one of the four competitors in a talent show. I sing a stirring rendition of "The Thing." And you though my dancing was bad.

Snuff - This is another independent movie... and if this one never sees the light of day, the world should be happy. From what I saw, it was total garbage. Anyway, I play a theater student in this one; I think I was in three scenes.

Ping! - Don't look for me in this one because you won't find me. It's a movie about a little dog and it has a bunch of kids in it... why am I going on about it? I can't be seen in it anyway!