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Information made available on this page has numerous sources and contributors. Thanks to Robyn, Fox1013, goatie, Terra Stoddard,,,, Photos from

(Duplicate of Robyns Save the Show Page)

"Freaks and Geeks" not on TV tonight?
YOU can do something about it!

Take that now-empty hour on Monday Night (or any other time) and use it to join the viewer based letter writing campaign to keep "Freaks and Geeks" alive and kicking.


Three phases of action:

1. Write to NBC and NBC affiliates
here's how

2. Write to the sponsors of "Freaks and Geeks"
here's how

3. Write to the entertainment media
here's how

"Freaks and Geeks" isn't on this Monday night . It won't be on next week either. In fact it looks as if it won't be on again until March 13th. Why isn't it on? Well NBC in its infinite wisdom [ahem] pulled the show from sweeps month (again!) and replaced it with episodes of "Twenty-One" and "10th Kingdom."

NBC's lack of faith in this critically acclaimed new series may spell doom for "Freaks and Geeks" - and it may never get a shot at a second season!

The good news is that the show hasn't been cancelled yet - there is a shot at keeping it on TV but it will require significant viewer participation. THIS MEANS YOU! "Freaks and Geeks" has a good track record of viewer campaigning - although NBC pulled the show from the Fall Sweeps - viewer response got a relaunch of the show and a better timeslot.

If you are a fan of "Freaks and Geeks" now is the time to pull out all of the stops to show your support. That's why we created this web site - to let NBC know that we want our "Freaks and Geeks."

Phase One -
Write to NBC and your local NBC affiliate(s)


Garth Ancier
NBC Entertainment President
3000 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank,CA 91523

Bob Wright
NBC Entertainment President
30 Rockerfeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

NBC Tel: 818/840-4444

Find the address and call numbers of your local NBC affiliate by clicking on the map available at

In addition to your individual letter sign and send in the form letter available here


  • As above always handwrite your letters if possible, keep your letters polite and to one page!

  • Tell NBC [or whomever you are writing] about yourself and that you enjoy watching "Freaks and Geeks" If your family and friends watch the show tell NBC that too!

  • Tell NBC what you like about "Freaks and Geeks".
    - the characters
    - the story line - is it meaningful, nostalgic, accurate portrayal of the 80s, high school, etc.
    - the writing - is it funny, intelligent, thoughtful...
    - the episodes - do you have a favorite one? If so tell NBC which one and why you like it.

  • Tell NBC about your concerns but end on a positive note! Assure them that "Freaks and Geeks" in your opinion has the potential to be a successful, long-running show with a dedicated viewer-base. Tell them that you are looking forward to a lengthy relationship with the show as its characters navigate their way through high school.

  • Thank them for taking the time to read your letter!


Don't have time to write letters? You can access a well-written form letter at:

For a Letter Writing Campaign:


Write the show BEFORE it is cancelled.
• Write to NBC, local NBC network-affiliates [find your local NBC affiliate by clicking on the map available at], sponsors , local and national entertainment media, etc.
Send handwritten letters preferably in blue ink. Handwritten letters carry more weight than typed and lots more weight than just email.
Handwrite the address on the envelope.
• Write well-written letters!
• Keep your letters friendly and polite (hate mail is simply thrown away).
• Voice your concern in a positive way!
Write your letter as an individual - your letter will carry more weight if it appears to be sent from an individual.
• In addition to your individual letter you can sign and send in a form letter available here

• Keep you letters short and to the point - one page maximum!
• Include the demographic information networks value such as your age, job, number of children etc., ex. "I am a 41 year old astrophysicist who enjoys watching "Freaks and Geeks" with my three teen-aged children..." or "I am a 15 year old student who enjoys watching "Freaks and Geeks" with my parents and my younger sister..."
End with a positive statement.
• If you send letters or email to NBC network affiliates or the media be sure to bcc or cc (carbon copy) the same letter to NBC (and be sure they know that they have been cc'd).
• Write to your local paper's TV critic especially if they have written in praise of "Freaks and Geeks" (and lots have!) and tell them that you liked their article on the show but that you are concerned about the future of the show. Explain to them why you think the show should go on. (hint: letters to the media should be REALLY intelligent and well-written in case they decide to print or quote your letter.)

Don't write "Freaks and Geeks" on the envelope. It may be filed away without being read!
• Don't type your letter or the address on the envelope. We don't want to look like a computer generated mass-mailing - we want to look like regular concerned folks!
Don't be abusive, hostile, threatening, rude, obscene, etc. Hate mail will be thrown away without being read or counted!

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They need YOUR help!

Sponsor Addresses:
Freaks and Geeks Sponsors (1/24/00, 1/31/00 and 2/7/00)
(list may not reflect your local sponsors)

2200 Old Germantown Rd.
Delray Beach, FL 33445

cheddar lovers' bacon cheeseburger
Wendy's Customer Service
Wendy's International, Inc.
4288 W. Dublinn Granville Rd.
Dublin, OH 43017

NABISCO - Fat Free Newtons
Nabisco Consumer Affairs
100 DeForest Avenue
P.O. Box 1911
East Hanover, NJ 07936-1911

Fred Meyer Customer Service
3800 SE 22nd
Portland, OR 97202

WinStar Communications, Inc.
1146 19th Street, N.W.
Suite 200
Washington, D.C. 20036

all you can eat shrimp Monday night special
Darden Restaurants
PO Box 593330
Orlando, FL 32859-3330

daily moisturizing lotion
Johnson & Johnson
1 Johnson & Johnson Plaza
New Brunswick, NJ 08933

Honey Nut Cheerios, Golden Grahms,
Yoplait Light, PopSecret

General Mills, Inc.
P.O. Box 1113
Minneapolis, MN 55440

HYUNDAI Accent 2000
(the crowd surfing car)
Hyundai Precision
9100 South Dadeland Boulevard
Miami, FL 33156
(305) 670-6600

National Federation of Coffee Growers of Columbia
(ie Juan Valdez)
(website: )

AT&T "double 0" info
32 Avenue of the Stars
New York, NY 10013

Customer Relations Center
Buick Motor Division
902 E. Hamilton
Flint, MI 48550


VOLKSWAGEN "turbonium" bug
web based feedback form

DOMINO'S PIZZA"Meatsa Trio" )
a form based reply:
Tom Monaghan
24 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive
Post Office Box 373
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-0373

New Line Cinema "BOILER ROOM"

corporate response form at:
pick - MEDIA

SCHICK FX Diamond razor adds)
NIX - lice treatment
parent company:
Warner-Lambert Company
201 Tabor Rd.
Morris Plains, NJ 07950

SPRINT nickel nights anywhere
Sprint World Headquarters
2330 Shawnee Mission Parkway
Westwood, KS 66205

MABELLINE: Full N' Soft and Express 3 in 1

Italian Chicken Crisp
Dennis Malamatinas, CEO
BurgerKing Corporation
17777 Old Cutler Road
Miami, FL 33157

KLEENEX - Cottenelle toilet paper
Kleenex -- owned by Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
351 Phelps Dr.
Irving, TX 75038

ALBERTO VO5 hot oil (with Summer Sanders)
Alberto Culver USA, Inc.
2525 Armitage Avenue
Melrose Park, IL 60160
(708) 450-3000
For consumer calls: (708) 450-3163
Consumer Relations:

SNOW DAY Paramount and Nickelodeon

Street Address
Yahoo! Inc.
3420 Central Expressway
Santa Clara, CA 95051
Phone (408) 731-3300
Fax (408) 731-3301

Michael S. Rawlings
President and Chief Concept Officer
Pizza Hut, Inc.
14841 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, Texas 75240
(972) 338-7700
[Parent Company]
Andrall E. Pearson
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc.
1441 Gardiner Lane
Louisville, Kentucky 40213
(502) 874-8300


TESORO Gasoline
TESORO Gasoline -- Tesoro Petroleum website:
Andrea L. Simpson
Community Relations
300 Concord Plaza Drive
San Antonio, TX 78216-6999
Phone: 210-283-2801

extra crispy chicken
[Parent Company]
Andrall E. Pearson
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc.
1441 Gardiner Lane
Louisville, Kentucky 40213
(502) 874-8300

Charles E. Rawley
President and Chief Concept Officer
KFC, U.S.A. Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation
1441 Gardiner Lane
Louisville, Kentucky 40213
(502) 874-8300

PAYLESS SHOES (free shoes for y2k babies)
Payless ShoeSource CustomerService
3231 SE Sixth Street
Topeka, KS 66607


McDonald's Corporation
1 Kroc Drive
Oak Brook, IL 60523

DISNEY Cruise Vacations
The Walt Disney Company
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

NESTLE Carnation Instant Breakfast
Nestle USA Inc.
800 North Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91203

U S WEST, Inc.
1801 California St., Ste. 5200
Denver, CO 80202

CREST toothpaste
parent company Proctor & Gamble
The Proctor & Gamble Company
One Proctor & Gamble Plaza
Cincinnati, OH 45202


Now get to work and save the show!!!

Phase Two -
Write to the sponsors of "Freaks and Geeks"

Writing to sponsors is easy - once you write one letter to a sponsor you can use that format for all of your other letters! When you are writing a letter to a sponsor:

  • be really nice
  • praise their product by name
  • thank them for advertising on "Freaks and Geeks" because it is your favorite show
  • keep your letter very short and about the sponsor!

Without the generous help of "goatie" this list of sponsors would never have come into existence. Thank You!
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Phase Three-
Write to the entertainment media


Phase Three has two parts - you can write to the big guns in the entertainment media and ask them to feature the cast of "Freaks and Geeks" on their show, cover, news, etc., as well as explaining to them why you think the show is the best and why it deserves their attention.

You should also write to your local newspaper's TV critic especially if they have written in praise of "Freaks and Geeks" (and lots have!) and tell them that you liked their article on the show but that you are concerned about the future of the show. Explain to him or her why you think the show should go on...

(hint: letters to the media should be REALLY intelligent and well-written in case they decide to print or quote your letter.)

Entertainment Media

The Rosie O'Donnell Show
NBC Studios
30 Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 800E
New York, NY 10112
comment line:212/506-3288
fax: 212/506-3249 or 212/506-3958

Live with Regis and Kathie Lee
77 Lincoln Square, 5th floor
New York, NY 10023

A.J. Jacobs, Ken Tucker, Kristen Baldwin, and Bruce Fretts at Entertainment Weekly have written positive reviews
And EW lists F&G in their "what to watch" section
Entertainment Weekly
1675 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

People covered F&G in Sept. 27 and Dec. 31,1999, and Feb. 14,2000 issues
Thank them for positive coverage and ask for a F&G cover.
People Magazine
Time & Life Building
Rockefeller Center
New York, NY 10020
fax: 212/522-0794

Teen People
Time & Life Building
Rockefeller Center
New York, NY 10020
fax: 212/522-0794

Time & Life Building
Rockefeller Center
New York, NY 10020

One of TV Guide's Top Ten of 1999
-TV Guide- one of the "best new shows"
-a TV Guide article that mentions F+G as "among the few network offerings to draw high praise from advertisers"
-TV Guide Roush Review that gives encouragement to nurturing F+G
-Linda Cardellini as one of the top ten 'stars to watch'
TV Guide
Box 500
Radnor, PA 19088-0500

251 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019-1894

E! online

Entertainment tonight

TV Guide Magazine

CNN interactive

Entertainment Weekly

Mr. Showbiz

NBC Nightly News

ABC World News Tonight

TV Critics and Newspaper Entertainment Reporters

Favorable articles available in full or partial format in links to newspaper or Northern Light citations

Remember: to be considered for publication, letters must contain the author's name, address and daytime telephone number.

Please thank these people for writing about "Freaks and Geeks"

AP Online 1/10/2000 by Associated Press
Frazier Moore - TV Writer
International Headquarters
50 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, N.Y. 10020

Cynthia Littleton 1/14/2000,
BPI Entertainment News Wire
BPI Communications
1515 Broadway,
New York, NY 10036-8986
(212) 764-7300


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 09/25/1999

Sunday News Lancaster, PA Stephen Kopfinger , Lancaster Newspapers,
Sunday News,
P.O. Box 1328,
Lancaster, PA 17608-1328.

Anonymous Kansas City Star Date: 09/27/1999
The Kansas City Star,
1729 Grand Blvd.,
Kansas City, Mo., 64108

Diane Holloway 2000, St. Louis Post-Dispatch 01/20/2000
c/o Pennington, Gail |
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
(Team: Arts and Entertainment) Television Critic

Boston Herald 09/25/1999 MARISA GUTHRIE 1999, Boston Herald
The Boston Herald, Inc.
One Herald Square
Boston, MA 02106-2096

The Detroit News 09/23/1999 Tim Kiska / Detroit News Television Writer 1999,

Group 01/01/2000 Bryan Belknap 2000, Group Publishing, Inc. Jan/Feb

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram /25/1999 Ken Parish Perkins 1999,
400 W. Seventh Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Times Union (Albany, NY) Mark McGuire 09/15/19991999, Times Union (Albany, NY)
c/o (editor entertainment section)

Sarasota Herald Tribune 09/25/1999 Jay Handelman 1999, Sarasota Herald Tribune
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
801 S. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34236

09/25/1999 Charlie McCollum Knight Ridder News Service
Knight Ridder
50 W. San Fernando St.
San Jose, CA 95113

The Arizona Republic 09/25/1999 Republic TV Writer BILL GOODYKOONTZ 1999,

The Arizona Republic 09/03/1999 The Arizona Republic Dave Walker 1999, Phoenix Newspapers, Inc.
(Busy Philipps' hometown paper!)

Thursday, November 04, 1999
By Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV Editor
" The best new show of the season is in danger of cancellation. It's time to mobilize."

The San Francisco Chronicle 09/25/1999 JOHN CARMAN 1999, The San Francisco Chronicle

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Information made available on this page has numerous sources and contributors. Thanks to Fox1013, goatie, Terra Stoddard,,,, Photos from