Ken on "Freaks and Geeks"

A four-year veteran of the stand-up comedy circuit, Seth Rogen was cast in the role of Ken, the acerbic and rebellious freak who is always quick with a smart-aleck remark, after being discovered at an open casting call by "Freaks and Geeks" executive producer Judd Apatow and show creator Paul Feig. "Ken and I are the same person," says Rogen. "He's a little weird, no one can really read him, and he has a healthy dose of cynicism about everything."

A self-described "professional wise-ass," Rogen's interest in comedy began at age 13, when after driving his teachers and parents crazy, he signed up for a comedy class in his hometown, Vancouver, British Columbia. He took to it like a fish to water and quickly began writing his own material and appearing in Canadian comedy clubs like Yuk-Yuks, Punchlines, Lafflines and others. After coming in second place in the Vancouver Amateur Comedy Contest at the age of 16, Rogen decided to venture south of the border and try his hand at performing for U.S. audiences. He was well-received and began getting regular gigs at such high-profile Los Angeles clubs as The Improv and The Comedy Store. Earlier this year, Rogen was nominated for Canada's YTV Youth Achievement Awards for his stand-up comedy.

Rogen's first on-screen appearance came at age 11 when he started in commercials. After his comedy began to take off, he decided to try "the acting thing" again. He landed the role in "Freaks and Geeks" after only one previous audition.

Now living in Los Angeles while he works on the show, Rogen still plies his trade at local comedy clubs. In his spare time, he enjoys, snowboarding, Karate, rugby and improv. His birthday is April 15.

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