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Winners of the F&G DVD!
The winners of the Freaks and Geeks DVD contest are: Greg Dengel, Amy Adams, Derik Rinehart and Blueeyesblind. All winners have been notified and should one or more not accept the prize or fail to provide a shipping address, another winner will be chosen at random. Thanks for your participation and for being great fans.

Buy F&G Stuff!!
For those of you looking to buy something, there seem to be a few places to find F&G stuff...
- Amazon's Freaks and Geeks Store - DVD sets, Blooper DVDs, Casting and Scripts
- eBay! - just search for "freaks and geeks"
- dodgeball shop - everything from sweatshirts to ball caps with the McKinley High logo on it
- script shop - everything from mugs to shirts with a signed script printed on it

Welcome to the Freaks and Geeks Fan Site!
This page is no longer updated, but feel free to browse the old site for information about your favorite characters or find out how to get your hands on some Freaks and Geeks merchandise, including the DVD collection. Enjoy.

For those interesting in the DVD, here's some information:

Contents of the Special Edition Discs:
· three live "table reads" of some of the best episodes
· a one hour Q&A with series creators Judd Apatow and Paul Feig and the entire cast.
· tons of extra auditions, deleted scenes, promos and outtakes
· a script that was never shot
· some favorite scenes in the raw footage from a single camera perspective
· the full original electronic press kit
· a special music and photo gallery
· surprise Easter Eggs
· even more behind the scenes footage edited by series stars Jason Segal and Martin Starr
· plus much more...

The DVD is available here:

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Test Your Freaks and Geeks Knowlege:
Test you knowledge of F&G with a scantron quiz here: sat_index.html

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Check out the FIRST episode online:
The first eight minutes of the first episode are LIVE on, here:

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